Friday, 27 December 2013

The language and the operating system of our reality

I realised that not knowing the language of our reality can be very conflicting, very separative, very mechanical and very destructive not just towards others but towards myself too. There is no real freedom, there is no choice in not knowing the language with which it is being created. Knowing the language prevents living in a survival mode as to opposing  considering the whole, causes our reactions to suspend liberating us from the emotional baggage of the self. Knowing the language is being who I really am.

The language of our reality is a though or rather thoughts. I can give a meaning to my reality only via thoughts, my thoughts come from my memory. My memory is created by the world, it is all that I know, all that I experienced, all my conditioning, all my unconscious beliefs, all that I think I am. I give a meaning to the outer, my reality by that which I know, my memory. By having a thought I perceive, have feelings and emotions and create my limited perception of reality, my individual reality. I have been doing it unconsciously and mechanically. 

We are not victims of this world but creators, participants in the creation. Without us there is nobody to give a meaning to that which we call physical reality. Without us, the thinkers, the physical reality is meaningless. Thought -feeling/emotion is the creative element with which our reality is being created. Our reality is not causing us to think and feel, act and react….we are creating it, it is the truth.

Who would, knowing the language of our reality, knowingly create that which creates  disturbing  feelings and emotions, that which is not our preference and that which does not excite us. What would you create if you knew the language of the reality, of the creation, of the intelligence? One may say not to be here to create, I say you create whether you like or not, this is not something you can avoid being here and your only choice is whether to create consciously or not. Everything you think, feel and do….is creating. As long as you think….you create. One may ask me do I always know this as in being aware and I can only say...I am not always aware of it and sometimes I forget but I always know when I am feeling just does not resonate with me.

Our reality is a template, a matrix. A thinker is created as an observer who will with his/her thoughts create a specific individual relationship perception of the template as its reality. All other thinkers, observers do the same and all together we are creating and expanding the template. Thinkers are the only way the intelligence can express itself in the physicality and create the best virtual cosmic game of life. We, as temporary being thinkers, can consciously create knowing the language and the operating system of consciousness that acts as a mirror and the knower of our experience we create by our thoughts-emotions.

All our actions are based on our memory but there is an action that arises from the understanding, it is a direct action that is not fragmented and self centred, it is not based on “ME”, it is loving and harmonious, it is intelligent, it is whole…it is a total absence of myself as a arises out of the understanding of the language of creation and my real self.

Total absence of myself is Love, it is our true nature, it is all that is, our real self. That which is, is temporary creating a language of thoughts-emotions with which we as temporary thinkers are creating our reality and participate in the most creative cosmic virtual game of life, the best game ever.

Can you imagine a dream where you are a thinker of your thoughts just one out of the many, an observer knowing your experience, a participator, the field in which it all happens and the dreamer at the same time?

Friday, 29 November 2013

To be or not to be

I am a character, an actor in the movie. At one point I discover everything happens on the screen, the screen was never obvious before. From the point of the screen I notice the projector light. Facing the projector, looking inside I discover the motion picture film moving at the high speed in front of the projector light reflecting the movie on the screen. I notice that whatever film comes in front of the projector’s light is being projected on the screen and the light does not have an option but to project. Exploring further I notice the electricity behind the projector and notice all is electricity, the power just is and without it there is no light, there is no projection, there is no movie. At one point I notice that the motion picture film is what is changing all the time and accordingly the movie is changing. What a choice to discover that I am the film being projected, I can change it as I like and I am so much more and more, all that happens is happening within me. It appears that just by being aware of my acting on the screen and the film in front of the light…. the movie and its script changes, the landscape is more vivid and other characters in the movie, that are playing the same movie, are more harmonious. I simply project myself creating the most interesting movie ever, what a pleasure to be a character in this movie, what a pleasure to just be and not playing, what a pleasure to write the script, what a pleasure to be a character, the movie and the audience at the same time. What a play, what an enjoyment to understand the movie, what a love, compassion and connection……what an energy. I have a movie to attend to, how about you?

Friday, 1 November 2013

Craving for 'long lasting clarity and wisdom'

We all like to have more clarity, more peace and more insights. One who tasted the difference between the intellect and the intelligence might be concerned with the disappearing of the clarity  more than others. One being concerned is interested in more and more and wants a long lasting and more often clarity and understanding.

The idea of the personal mind that thinks it must be free having more of the wisdom and clarity is what prevents it, what is hiding it and creating an illusion it is not there. Only when one attends totally and it is aware of what is, instead of what should be, one notices and understands the personal mind. Understanding is only when the personal mind is not, every time the personal mind is discovered it is not and the present moment is; there is clarity, intelligence and energy.

Personal mind is always seeking, it is trying to establish why the clarity is not and why it does not last or happen more often. Realising the play of the personal mind creating our experience via thoughts is all that takes, whenever it is not realised the personal mind is on a seeking path of an intellectual exploration. Personal mind can be very deceptive and it can also be very creative. It is your best friend and then right tool in the right hands only when it is realised and understood.

Personal mind on its path for a psychological security creates insecurities as it does not realise there cannot be security in fragmentation and division. It creates fragmentations by separating from the rest and looking through its own screen of all things that it misunderstands for its security. Personal mind understands individuality not the unity, it wants to be, to belong, to have, be protected and feel secured.

There must be a total freedom, a freedom from oneself, to see the reality as it is. Only seeing the personal mind as it is in its moment to moment creation and not as it should be, brings the awareness and understanding. Freedom is when the personal mind is not. Understanding, wisdom and clarity is...... the freedom.

Every time the freedom is, freedom from oneself and the personal mind, there is clarity, wisdom and intelligence......there is Love.

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Spark Inside

If you don't know yet that you have everything that you need to be fulfilled, satisfied and creative.....let me give you good news. Whether you know it or not, within you there is a dimension, a space so big, a spark so compassionate and so intelligent. There is nothing you have to do apart from knowing it.

If you think that somebody  or something else is creating your reality and have an effect on the world around you, you are not wrong as long as this is what you think.You are capable of creating your world, your mental clarity, your mental health and you are fully equipped to create your excitements, your preferences and your relationships with others. You are the creator, you have all that you need. You think, you are consciouss and you are connected to the intelligence life energy field of all that is. You have it all, you know it.

Most of us are looking outside, we are interested in consumerism and instant pleasures, most of us never make any effort to take responsibility for what we think and  prefer. What you think you believe, you emotionally feel and you act/react. You don't have to do what most of us do. You can take responsibility for your reality, your thoughts, your emotions and your believes. If you have a bad feeling check your thoughts, your believes and ask yourself; is this what I prefer to feel, think or believe....ask, is this my preference. If you like the way you feel, there is no need to do anything. You choose what happens.

Many people would offer you instant knowledge, enlightenment and instant happiness. Many would ask enormous amount of money giving you a way, selling you what you already have. You can easily notice them being very well informed about the human nature looking for an instant approach to happiness giving you fancy phrases and being very commercial. Those people think in terms of consumerism and commercialism, they make you feel that they are important, they are very intelectual and they like to be seen with top and famous people. They want to be seen and have money.

You instinctively know that all the answers are already within you and that you have to turn your attention deep inside where the spark is. You instinctively know that you need to know yourself, you need to find the spark as only when you find it within yourself you can give it to others.

You know that to look for a solution you have to look closely at the problem as it is. Only when you see the problem in the now and as it really is, you may hit the space of solutions. The solution of the problem is not on the same level at which the problem was created, it is outside the boundaries of the personal mind who created it.  You know it.

Our personal mind is conditioned to think that there is nothing outside of its perception and at the first meeting with the awareness consciousness it may be confused, resisting and scared. Our personal mind cannot perceive outside of its boundaries and therefore concludes it is much safer to stay with the current familiar perception of the reality that is self created.

Creativeness, wisdom, clarity and love do not come from your personal mind. Your mind due to its confusion takes credit for it. Next time you have thoughts try to see where are they coming from and whether you can control it. 

You know instinctively that, although you may not be able to choose your thoughts, you can choose to which thoughts to relate. Which thoughts you are giving your attention to?

Monday, 21 October 2013

Corporation called "ME"

Deepening your understanding of the principle of Thought, you may find out that which you may not like to hear. If it feels weird finding about who you always thought you were, you are not the only one.

Deepening my understanding, I discover consciousness awareness and myself, I see the great illusion of the individuality, I see the corporation called “ME”. This corporation, who I thought was me, is a psychological creation of thoughts that projects a sense of individuality. Everything I know, up to the point of my discovery, comes from the corporation “ME”. This corporation is a memory of knowledge, experiences, events, conditioning, likes and dislikes and all that you can ever think as your reference point.

Up to the understanding of the principle of Thought, everything that comes as a thought comes from my memory, the corporation called “Me”, everything that I think is knowledge which is the past and the conditioning, from this all my actions and reactions come.

Corporation called “Me” as any other corporation is based on self interests and it has its own aims and principles which are mostly motivated by the self- centeredness. As a main principle, it works based on awards and punishments and its plan from A to B is the way which for its success has a feeling of its own fulfillment. In the interest of the self success and fulfillment  other corporations are allowed to participate as long as they serve its main purpose.

Universe is interconnection, harmony, love and creation. Corporation “Me” is an illusion with which the intelligence is expressing the physical existence through which will then discover itself, discover love and through the physical existence, exploration and experience of being find the way home.

Corporation “Me” and our lack of understanding of its purpose, is the cause of all the suffering, fragmentation and conflicts. Understanding the principle of Thought I understand the corporation “Me” and all its boundaries. Consciousness awareness comes when the understanding is present. Although the awareness does not come and go, from the point of the corporation it appears so.

With a total understanding our thoughts become tools with which we create consciously, create with wisdom and love. This understanding is beyond grasping of the intellect as the intellect is not the intelligence, we are however conditioned to believe so and it is just not true.

With a total understanding, the corporation "Me" and the intelligence work in perfect harmony, we step out of the conditioning and the boundaries and we discover we are much, much more than who we ever thought we are. The real “ME” discovers itself, we see without the corporation screen, we see what really is.

What a magic and creation the life really is. I am, is that not enough.

The show of life

Alone, with myself only. Have you noticed how hearing nothing can be nice?

Being aware of myself I enter my world, my deepest places. Strange world of quietness, searching my soul and trying to correct my mistakes. My mistake everything I have done and experienced, ooh a full bin of used things, the past. Learning from it, exploring like nothing else is important but a present moment. Listening to my inner self I try to find out more. Do I know my self enough? Who am I? My soul, my past a mirror of me. Looking deep inside, many things I don’t like. Just a wind singing interrupting my thoughts. I like it, feels like it pleasures my face. Feeling hot suddenly, oh how weird is exploring myself. It is a journey…..a short one?...maybe not. Nice things, I did not expect. Remember, recall , that is it. Nothing feels like you know you could not have done better, right. There is nothing to learn from it, boring, old stories. Maybe I should concentrate on learning, but there is nothing to learn. Improvement, yes that is the word I am looking for, what is there to improve when you see. What is the purpose? I am still learning am I not? Exploring, so I can do better. Yes, there is nothing to be ashamed of creating myself all over gain, each moment in time. Correct it, sounds like an need for correction. Yes, I will work on it. Feeling back reality again. I know I will learn something from it, I just need to go back more often.

Alone again, I hear nothing, just a thought. A thought with a million meanings, crossing my mind, taking me, manipulating and controlling everything I have ever wanted to feel. Strange, unfamiliar feeling that cannot be controlled. Hopeless, no way out. Am I dreaming, how can this happen to me being awake. Yes, it is happening, no need to be afraid. Thinking, exploring deeply, realizing my emotions and trying to control it. Feels strange not being in control, nothing to control. The air, I can see it, water tastes like never before, I am alive. Even breathing seems like having sense now. Oh, being aware of these things, hearing my heart finding out what the feeling means. Feeling so alive having a choice. Staying with the feeling of understanding like being afraid of missing the last train. Yes, that is it; I know it.

What a show, as a conscious actor I can relate better to other actors or just enjoy the show without being engaged, just without me, the show is not.

Saturday, 19 October 2013

Genie in a bottle

If you feel you have been locked up waiting for something to release you, you may not be so wrong after all. I was a genie in a bottle my whole life and I did not even know. Something touched my bottle so right, so gently that I started noticing the boundaries of it, the space within and started wandering what is outside of it. I was so afraid going out, I knew nothing about it, I wanted my security and why would anyone even think there is something outside of it. I thought my bottle was all that was. I made a firm decision to look outside.
I noticed awareness without any wanting and choice, I noticed the intelligence that is nothing with being clever, nothing intellectual. I was at home, inside was out and out was all within. Cleverness is always trying to be intelligent I learned, the intelligence does not want anything. I learned that my mind can work in perfect coordination and harmony with the intelligence. From the point of the personal mind this it not obvious, from the point of the intelligence everything you can ever imagine is just another possibility. I learned I can navigate my experiences and how I relate to it. For the first time I started having a choice, a conscious one, the real one. I was mechanical, I was reacting and acting, I was living in a bottle.....I was put there, the whole world was there.
I noticed many others living in a bottle. What a compassion for all, we all act, react and do from the space of the bottle. I started shouting to others to go out of the bottle but they could not hear me. I learned a special touch is required to touch the bottle so the genie can go out. You are the genie, you are as much as you can ever imagine to be. Don't be afraid to go out of your bottle, you will be able to come back to it at any time. You will in fact return to your bottle very often, you will find out that you don't need to change it and understanding it is all that is needed for it to mean something totally different. Your bottle is your best friend.
You are defining the space within your bottle, you decide what stays and what does not. If you don't like it, change it simple as that. Play with it, create it every day. If you create something you don't like, it is long as this is what you want.
Don't have a motive in your creation for the motive is first on the list of the personal mind. Personal mind never have the whole view, it is always fragmented as it is mostly self centred and as such in conflict with other minds. Innocent mind cannot be insulted, personal mind is never innocent. Whenever I am insulted I notice I have a motive, I have been defending, I have been something other than what I really am, I don't love but only think I do.
Time will come, someone or something will come to rub your bottle so right.